There's much to like about Chiefs' signing of QB Nick Foles

Foles reuniting with Andy Reid (1:12)

Josina Anderson breaks down why Nick Foles agreed to terms with the Chiefs, and what reuniting with head coach Andy Reid could mean for his career. (1:12)

Peel back the layers to the Kansas City Chiefssigning of veteran quarterback Nick Foles and they just keep getting more interesting.

Foles was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2012, when they were coached by current Chiefs coach Andy Reid. He has had a big NFL season -- just one, but it was impressive -- that was statistically better than any ever produced by Chiefs starter Alex Smith. Foles is only 27, or five years younger than Smith, leaving him plenty of time to resurrect his career.

Add it all up and it’s easy to come to the conclusion the Chiefs are looking at this as more than a nothing-to-lose gamble that Foles can become the player he was for the Eagles in 2013, when he threw 27 touchdown passes in 10 starts and led the NFL with a passer rating of 119.2, which is a better number than Tom Brady has ever put up.

This move could easily fail in that regard. Foles has far to come after his career crashed last year in a seven-touchdown, 10-interception season with the then-St. Louis Rams.

But the chance that Foles could instead be the eventual replacement for Smith is significant enough that the situation makes far too much sense.

Look at it from Foles’ perspective. Why else would he have come to Kansas City?

He gets the chance to play again for Reid, the coach who got his pro career started. Reid coached Foles for one season in Philadelphia before he moved on to the Chiefs. Reid also has a well-deserved reputation for helping quarterbacks resurrect their careers.

Still, wouldn’t it have been better for Foles to have gone to Dallas, where he could have been the backup to the often-injured Tony Romo? Or Minnesota, where Teddy Bridgewater is trying to establish his career?

Foles obviously didn’t think so. His best chance for truly reviving his career, as opposed to continuing down the journeyman path, is with Reid and the Chiefs. Smith is entrenched as the starter in Kansas City in 2016, but he won’t stay that way forever.

Eventually, and maybe as soon as 2017, the Chiefs are going to need a new starting quarterback. Foles might not be that player, but he and the Chiefs are evidently interested in seeing whether he could be.