Steelers still can't believe Andrew Luck might not play

PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers are just now coming around to the notion that Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, who is under concussion protocol, could miss Thursday night's action.

The players admittedly don't know much about Scott Tolzien, though defensive end Cameron Heyward said he remembers Tolzien handing the ball off pretty well while Heyward was at Ohio State and Tolzien was at Wisconsin.

Apparently rookie safety Sean Davis is preparing for Luck and has "no idea who the other dude is."

That 'dude' has started two NFL games, with possibly a third on the way.

Linebacker Ryan Shazier said, "We’re going to find something on (Tolzien)," but he's still expecting Luck, who has been a central figure in Steelers' defensive meetings. "When you're in the protocol, that doesn't mean you're out," said Shazier, who expects to get final word about 30 minutes before the game in Lucas Oil Stadium.

Coach Mike Tomlin has warned the Steelers about Luck's ability to beat teams from inside or outside the pocket.

Luck has missed the Colts' past two practices this week, and though coach Chuck Pagano hasn't definitively declared Luck as out, it doesn't look good.

"It kind of makes a difference, but at the end of the day you're playing against an offense," safety Mike Mitchell said. "Sometimes it can affect maybe if its more a running quarterback against a traditional pocket passer, but Andrew Luck is a mobile pocket quarterback. Tolzien will be a pocket quarterback, so we ll be playing the same offense, so hopefully it shouldnt be too difficult for us."