Kam Chancellor not happy about ban on leaping for field goals

PHOENIX -- On Tuesday, the NFL approved a rule change that will ban players from leaping to block field goals and extra points.

Seattle Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor is not happy about it.

Both Chancellor and Bobby Wagner have successfully executed the leap in the past.

But Rich McKay, the chairman of the NFL's competition committee, said the ban was unanimous, meaning the Seahawks voted for it.

He also said the initial recommendation for the ban came from players.

"We saw many instances as teams began to understand how to block it, it became a little more concerning," McKay said. "Early on, teams didn't know how to block it. The guard didn't get up in the air. The center wasn't getting up. Nobody was chipping on the player. The player was getting a free run. All of a sudden, the player wasn't getting a free run, and now the player was coming down at a really bad angle.

"When we met with the players association, to a person, they were quick to say, 'We don't like this play. And we really don't like the fact that somebody on Monday gets selected to have to do that play and be that person.' So that absolutely always plays a part in our decision."

The Seahawks' official Twitter account gave Chancellor a shoutout when the ban was announced.

But in the end, Chancellor was in the minority as every team voted to get rid of the leaps.