Lions' Matthew Stafford and wife, Kelly, become parents to twins

Matthew Stafford is officially a father.

The Detroit Lions quarterback and his wife, Kelly, officially announced the birth of their twin daughters, Chandler and Sawyer, on Sunday -- 10 days after the children were born. No word on their height or weight at birth.

Kelly Stafford made the official announcement on Instagram, saying the children were born on March 31 and “are healthy and happy” while thanking people for their well-wishes.

In a rare interview in December, Kelly Stafford told ESPN she believed fatherhood would change her husband.

“He’s turning into a little bit of a softy when it comes to the home life these days,” Kelly Stafford said in December. “You know, if I push on my belly too much, he’s like, ‘Stop. Stop.’ I’m like, ‘It’s OK, they’re fine. I’m just trying to move them around in there a little bit.

“I think it’ll definitely change him. I think it’ll change anyone. I’m excited to see him as a dad. I know he’s going to be awesome.”

That was something not all of his friends were completely sure of, mostly because they have seen the private Stafford more often so they understand who he is as a person better than those on the outside. But they are betting that he’ll dote after his children -- like many early parents do.

“It’s one of those that he’s preparing for a big game,” childhood friend John Dickenson told ESPN in December. “He’s always prepared. He puts in more time preparing for a game than anybody and he’s probably going to treat it the same way having a kid.

“I bet he’s going to spoil the hell out of those girls. It’s almost cliché to how he leads on the field. He’s going to be very soft-spoken but he’s going to spoil them. It’s going to be all about them.”

Stafford is scheduled to return to the Lions to begin offseason workouts on April 17. He hasn’t spoken publicly since the day after last season ended, when he said he had “a lot of things going on personally that are important to me,” likely referring to becoming a dad for the first time.

That answer came in response to a question about a potential contract extension. Stafford is in line for an extension that could make him the highest-paid player in the NFL.