Ginn still dropping balls with 49ers

Ted Ginn Jr. has brought his dropsies to the Bay Area.

The San Francisco 49ers were rightfully excited to acquire Ginn for a measly fifth-round choice. Three years earlier, the Miami Dolphins drafted him ninth overall.

He's a dazzling kick returner and provides turf-scorching speed.

But folks are starting to notice why the Dolphins gave up on him.

Bay Area News Group columnist Cam Inman watched him running at Monday's voluntary workout and came up with "Ted Gazelle Jr." as a nickname. Wouldn't be the first time a guy named Cam became smitten with Ginn's quickness.

"But when he repeatedly dropped balls, he looked, well, a lot like the reputation that came with him from his Miami Dolphins days," Inman wrote.

Inman added Ginn looked fine fielding punts, but "when he failed to catch one punt near his waist, it wasn't good -- other than it was only mid-May and he wasn't in Candlestick Park."

"You've got to shake it off," Ginn said later. "You've got to treat it like a [defensive back] when he gets scored on. You can't tank. They're going to happen and you just can't have that many."