Haynesworth trade still possible?

So when we last met in this forum, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan was adamant that Pro Bowl defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth would not be traded. But no matter how forceful he's been, it's hard to forget that Shanahan and general manager Bruce Allen attempted to move Haynesworth in the weeks leading up to the Donovan McNabb trade.

And it's not like the coach has done a superb job hiding his borderline disgust with the player not showing up for offseason workouts. Jason Reid of the Post reported Sunday that the Skins would "prefer" trading Haynesworth before the season if they can receive fair compensation.

So what would it take for a trade to happen? Even with Haynesworth's somewhat dubious past, I'm sure there are teams (Detroit, Cincinnati, Tennessee) that covet his immense talent. I think the most likely scenario is that Washington will take Haynesworth to training camp and wait to see if anyone calls. Haynesworth's trade value could soar if another team loses a defensive tackle to injury. Some of you might recall that scenario with Jason Taylor a few years back.

I could see a team giving up second- and fourth-round draft picks for Haynesworth, but that's only if they're forced into a tough situation. Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett spent some time last week reminding everyone how difficult it will be for Haynesworth to get up to speed.

"When I first got here, we met on a daily basis with the players, we did walk-throughs three times a week with the players ... so it was a process," said Haslett after OTAs last week. "And it wasn't you walk in and one day you know [everything]. It was probably a two-month process just to get 'em lined up right.

"They're relearning everything. Terminology, everything, it's a totally different front. So it was probably a two-month process to get that part. So to walk in off the street and to think you're going to know ... this is one of these defenses that you just don't walk in and think you're going to learn right away. It's not that easy."

But Haynesworth could show up in Detroit and know Jim Schwartz's defense cold. I still think Detroit or Tennessee are the most likely trading partners. I listed the Bengals because I know how much defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer respects Haynesworth's talent. And the fact that Cincinnati leads the league in offering fresh starts now that Jerry Jones has temporarily shuttered his reform school.

In other news, the NFL owners have come to Dallas for another meeting. This will one will be shorter than the one in Orlando, but I'll drop by and visit with them Tuesday.