Trevor Siemian on Trevor Siemian: 'Drop back and throw it to the open guy'

Trevor Siemian is tied for the NFL lead in touchdown passes, and the Broncos lead the league in third-down conversion rate. Kyle Emery/Icon Sportswire

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- There are some folks in and around the Denver Broncos organization who want to pump the brakes on lauding the team's performance in the opening two weeks and the play of quarterback Trevor Siemian.

Siemian is one of them.

"It's good, it's Week 2," Siemian said Wednesday when asked about his standing among the league leaders. He's tied for the lead in touchdown passes with six and is sixth in passer rating at 106.9.

Then, when asked if he had any statistical goals for the season, the guy whom linebacker Von Miller likes to call Peter Parker showed off his low-key personality.

"Not really, we won two games, that's pretty good," Siemian said. "We're focused on this week."

Just a few short weeks ago Siemian was asked if he could hold off Paxton Lynch for the starting quarterback job. Now, after wins over the Chargers and Cowboys, he has seen the narrative change.

There is plenty of season left, but it is clear Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy has gotten the early buy-in on the new offense, and Siemian leads the way. Denver is tied for third in the league in scoring and leads the league in third-down conversions -- 56.7 percent. Siemian completed passes to seven different players in the season opener and then completed passes to eight different players in Sunday's win over the Cowboys.

Siemian phrased it as "drop back and throw it to the open guy," but the Broncos' run game has been productive as well. C.J. Anderson ranks second in the league in rushing with 199 yards.

McCoy has the quarterbacks look at the playcall sheet for each game during the week and highlight the plays they like best as a reference. Siemian's comfort level in the early going can be seen in how many he picks.

"Mike gives me a hard time sometimes when we highlight our favorite plays on the call sheet and sometimes I give it back to him and frigging 70 percent of the call sheet is highlighted," Siemian said with a laugh. "I'm just comfortable with a lot of stuff that we're doing ... I think I'm getting better at understanding why Mike's calling certain things at certain times."

Broncos coach Vance Joseph has attributed a lot of the Broncos' early success on third down to Siemian's play. But the offense overall has shown the potential to be what Joseph hoped it would be when he made McCoy "my first call" after Joseph was hired by the Broncos this past January.

Denver has produced in the run game and the passing game, splitting the workload fairly evenly. The Broncos have run the ball 75 times in two games, and Siemian has 60 pass attempts to go with his 11 rushing attempts that were initially dropbacks to throw.

McCoy has said the split between run-pass will be "whatever we think gives us the best chance to win the game." But whatever the call has been, Joseph likes how it has looked to this point.

"I think Trevor's in complete control of the offense," Joseph said. "His ball placement is excellent. The throw he made to Emmanuel [Sanders], the first touchdown [against the Cowboys] -- that's a big-time throw, the right arc, the right pace on the ball. That's hard to do."

Siemian is comfortable with what he has been asked to do, but he also made it clear that he believes the Broncos' best chance of success comes when the ball actually leaves his hand.

"With our team and our offense, I want to get the ball to those guys and get out of the way," Siemian said. "It's not going to be me running around making plays, that's not how we're going to be really good. It's going to be 10 [Sanders], 88 [Demaryius Thomas], 22 [Anderson], 28 [Jamaal Charles] -- all those guys making explosive plays. The more we can get it to those guys the better we can be."