How Lions' Rockettes celebration came to be, with Keegan-Michael Key's help

DETROIT -- Lions wide receiver TJ Jones scored his first touchdown of the season, and after he reached the end zone, everybody started to line up.

Five of them in all -- Jones, Theo Riddick, Marvin Jones Jr., Eric Ebron and Golden Tate -- stood in the end zone. Then, in unison, they started to perform the famous Rockettes kickline, which is linked worldwide to the holiday season because of the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular.

"We knew we was going to do that because we knew we was going to do that and that was part of our committee," Ebron said after Saturday's victory against the Chicago Bears. "That's how we attack these games, these celebrations. We should have got eight points, as 'Boogie Down Brown' would say."

"Boogie Down Brown" is one of the many alter egos of actor and rabid Lions fan Keegan-Michael Key, who showed up at the team’s facility earlier this week as part of a skit for the NFL Network pregame show.

Ebron said Key gave the Lions players a semblance of the idea -- although Ebron also said they had already considered it during their weekly celebration committee planning meeting a couple of weeks ago.

In the video of the celebration practice, not all of the players were shown performing. While guard T.J. Lang and quarterback Matthew Stafford were shown working with Key, neither one actually participated in the real thing -- which is a shame, in a way, because the Lions' skill position players have talked before about trying to get their QB involved during a game.

This celebration was easy enough for the Lions, in part because of Key.

"He kind of threw the lob to us. I think we had it planned two weeks ago to actually do the Rockettes, but we were going to wait," Ebron said. "We had something for Halloween; we've got something for Christmas.

"The Halloween one didn't quite work out. The Christmas one worked out. So we did the Rockettes for Christmas."

Ebron said he blanked out when he scored his touchdown on Saturday about what celebration to do -- the tight end said the Lions players come up with more than one option per game -- and lamented after that he was "a punk" because of it. He also said that he's more into celebrating when other players score than when he does.

The Lions have used this committee to come up with some of their better celebrations this season, including the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots and a pingpong celebration. The committee typically meets Saturday -- although with a Saturday game this week, they met Friday. They also have discussions through a group text throughout the week.

"We come up with whatever we want to do, and we come out here and we do it," Ebron said. "We only need five minutes of practice. We're professionals."

It has led to some of the more entertaining celebrations around the NFL this season.