Observation Deck: Colts-Packers

The Colts may care less about preseason results than any team in the NFL.

So losing at Green Bay in their third preseason game wasn’t a huge deal.

But the pounding the first team took, even with several key players out with injuries, while playing into the second half will certainly require some detailed film review and correction.

In the end it was 59-24 shellacking.

Some observations:

  • Brace for a debate about the relocated umpire. Peyton Manning was clearly upset about not being able to go forward at his preferred pace while waiting for Garth DeFelice to back out into his new position in the backfield. The Colts were flagged twice for an illegal snap. I don’t think the league’s going to reconsider the relocation -- which puts the umpire in a safer spot but reverts to old positioning in the final two minutes of both halves. But Manning will surely ask Bill Polian to seek some clarification on how it can and cannot interfere with tempo issues.

  • Manning connected on two TDs. He made a fantastic throw to Reggie Wayne (seven catches for 96 yards and a TD) and had a great run away from pressure and throw to Joseph Addai. But an intercepted pass aimed for Pierre Garcon and the loss of a fumble while running from trouble on a third-and-long qualified as bad moments.

  • The Colts recovered quickly from the Manning pick by forcing and recovering a Brandon Jackson fumble, a play started by Clint Session in his first preseason action. He was anxious to hit and made the most of that one.

  • The Indy defense ran at least one play with dime personnel in which Gary Brackett was the lone linebacker on the field and safety Melvin Bullitt lined up as a backer up at the line. Rodgers threw short to Jackson, and Bullitt, who’d dropped back, quickly closed the space and dropped him.

  • Addai had a big run on the first play from scrimmage and a nice run after catch on that Manning throw, showing nice zip and feel with the ball in his hands both times. But he took a shot while playing defense after the interception and suffered a concussion right about when he would have been leaving the game anyway.

  • Brackett (right hand) and Jacob Lacey (concussion) left the game with new injuries. Those meant Pat Angerer and DeShea Townsend were in the game earlier than other second-teamers. It’s not the news the Colts wanted to hear considering they started the game without key players already hurt: Dallas Clark, Charlie Johnson, Marcus McCauley, Devin Moore, Jerraud Powers and Jeff Saturday.

  • Kelvin Hayden didn’t have terrible intent when he pushed the ball away while officials were looking spot it. But he still should know better. And drawing a delay penalty for doing so is not very Colt-like or heady.

  • The pass defense gave up far too many plays (and Green Bay was without receiver Greg Jennings). But when Rodgers is throwing red-zone darts against man coverage in the end zone, I don’t know how corners are going to fare better than Lacey and Townsend did on scoring passes from close range.