How much everything costs at Super Bowl LII: From $6 water to $200 souvenirs

A commemorative football? $215. A bottle of water? $6. A slice of pizza with a souvenir soda? $21.

Yes, tickets to get into Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis are expensive, but so are the food, drinks and souvenirs inside.

Here's a quick sampling of how much fans will pay for some notable items:

Commemorative footballs and Starter jackets are among the priciest souvenirs available:

Looking for an authentic Super Bowl football, its only $215 inside U.S. Bank Stadium.

John Pluym, ESPN ago

Check out this throwback. Old school Starter jackets sure to keep you warm beyond Super Bowl LII for $150.

Courtney Cronin, ESPN Staff Writer ago

While hoodies are among the (relatively) more affordable:

Commemorate your time at Super Bowl LII with an $80 hoodie.

Courtney Cronin, ESPN Staff Writer ago

But there are a range of options:

Cheapest item you'll find at most of these stands is a $5 pennant. The most expensive? A $110 Super Bowl LII quarter zip pull over.

Courtney Cronin, ESPN Staff Writer ago

Specialty cocktail offerings include the "J-Tea":

Here's the cocktail Super Bowl goers can buy to commemorate Justin Timberlake's halftime performance. 20 ounces for $35

Darren Rovell, ESPN Senior Writer ago

And then, of course, there are the comparatively inexpensive staples:

Might be the cheapest beer you'll find today. Aluminum cans of Bud Light will cost you $15.

Courtney Cronin, ESPN Staff Writer ago

There's beer and food pairings:

Single slice of pizza and a domestic beer will set you back $24. Not much different than the price of such during a Vikings game.

Courtney Cronin, ESPN Staff Writer ago

There are snacks as cheap as $4 and sandwiches and salads for $14:

The in-stadium drink and snack menu at the Super Bowl.

Arash Markazi, ESPN Senior Writer ago

A double cocktail will run fans more than most food. And yes, that says $6 for bottled water:

Drink prices on the 300 level in U.S. Bank Stadium.

Courtney Cronin, ESPN Staff Writer ago

Fans will have to reach deep into their wallets before even getting into the stadium:

Bargain deals for parking about 6-7 blocks from the stadium. You'd be surprised how many cars you can fit into a lot for $100 dollars a pop.

Courtney Cronin, ESPN Staff Writer ago

But everyone in attendance will get at least one free thing to take home:

Something free? There's one of these cups in every seat in the stadium.

Chris Sprow, ESPN.com ago