Where top six in NFL draft stand: Who's taking QBs -- or could trade down?

Kiper: First 3 picks will be QBs (1:53)

Mel Kiper Jr. anticipates the Browns will draft either Josh Allen or Sam Darnold and says it's possible the Giants will trade out of the No. 2 spot with the Bills. (1:53)

The New York Jets’ trade with the Indianapolis Colts to move to the third overall pick could trigger a handful of moves, starting with the Cleveland Browns and the No. 1 overall pick and ending with the Colts, who now have the sixth overall pick. Here’s a closer look at the scenarios for the teams that hold the Nos. 1-6 picks:

1. Cleveland Browns

The Jets-Colts trade illustrates why the Browns are playing dangerously if they don't take the quarterback they want with the first pick. One more trade to the second spot from a team that wants a quarterback and the Browns suddenly would be left looking at the third potential quarterback if they go with another position with the first pick. That scenario works if and only if the Browns feel all three are rated equally. But that's an approach that could backfire if the Browns favor one of the three. The Browns have danced around the quarterback issue for decades, not taking one once with eight top-10 picks since 2008. They can pick the guy they want in this draft. They already have said he will wait and learn behind Tyrod Taylor. They have a chance to get another potentially great player at No. 4 -- perhaps even Penn State running back Saquon Barkley. Dancing around this potential and this need would be a mistake. The Browns need to stay where they are and take their quarterback. -- Pat McManamon

2. New York Giants

The Giants are in a position of power with the No. 2 overall pick. With an early run on quarterbacks now likely, they are in a desirable position. They can draft their potential successor to Eli Manning, select the top player on their board (maybe Barkley?) or get a king's ransom for the pick. Teams that don't want to miss on their quarterback may now need to move into the top three of the draft to get their guy with the Browns, Giants and Jets all threats to go in that direction. It will be costly to get to No. 2, maybe even more than before. Thank you, Jets. -- Jordan Raanan

3. New York Jets

The objective is to draft a quarterback; that was the driving force behind their trade with the Colts. They must feel three quarterbacks are worth the third pick or else it would've been foolish to make the trade. How do they rank them? Hard to say at this point, but Josh Allen, Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen fit the profile preferred by GM Mike Maccagnan -- big body and big arm, the prototypical pocket passer. Baker Mayfield would be an outside-the-box choice for the GM. Conceivably, the Jets could try to trade up again to make sure they get the first or second quarterback on their board, but they're running out of draft capital. They have enough to move up one spot, but is there a quarterback worth that much? Probably not. Secondly, could the Jets and Giants actually make a trade of that significance? Debatable. -- Rich Cimini

4. Cleveland Browns

The Browns have options, all of them good. The first and most appealing is to stay at four and take the best player available. If quarterbacks go 1-2-3, this would give the Browns their option of the best player at any other position to go with the quarterback they take first, likely Darnold. That's a bonanza of a draft -- the best quarterback and the best player at any other position. If the Giants don't go quarterback, the Browns still would likely have their choice of any two from Barkley, defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick or pass-rusher Bradley Chubb. Any would be an outstanding pick. If for some reason the Browns want to trade back, they have options there as well -- as long as the Giants keep the second pick. Buffalo or Denver might want to move up for a quarterback, which could give the Browns extra picks and, if the trade is with Denver, would net them one of the top trio at the fifth pick. Nothing wrong with that, either. Regardless of what happens, the Browns seem to be in excellent position. They can select the quarterback they want first, then likely end up with another potentially great player. And if they choose to maneuver and do it properly, extra picks as well. -- Pat McManamon

5. Denver Broncos

John Elway said Friday, "We have a lot of opportunities at [No.] 5 now." And that was after the Broncos signed quarterback Case Keenum. Those opportunities have only increased with the Jets' trade because the Broncos could still take a quarterback if the one they like the best is still on the board. But if at least three of the top four quarterbacks on the board are selected in the top four picks, the Broncos also will be left with at least three of the best players overall: Chubb, Barkley or Quenton Nelson. They could trade down with a quarterback-starved team, but that offer has to be better than the players still on the board. -- Jeff Legwold

6. Indianapolis Colts

The opportunity to move back and add even more picks could be there for the Colts, depending on how things play out with the four teams picking in front of them when it comes to the quarterbacks. Cleveland, the Giants, Jets and Broncos could all end up selecting quarterbacks, which likely would mean the Colts remain at No. 6. Colts GM Chris Ballard told Colts.com they are “open to move down” again in the draft if they receive a "pretty attractive" offer from a team. The odds of that happening will increase depending on how many of the projected top-10 quarterbacks are still on the board when the Colts pick. A team such as Buffalo, which is still seeking long-term stability at quarterback, might be willing to make a trade with Indianapolis. The Colts are in the position to move back again because they don't have their eyes on one particular player in the draft. They have so many holes -- offensive line, defensive line, cornerback, linebacker and receiver -- that there's a good chance they'll still be able to find a player at one of those positions wherever they end up picking. -- Mike Wells