Randy Moss to Minnesota? Whoa

Yes. I've heard the FoxSports.com report that the Minnesota Vikings are close to re-acquiring receiver Randy Moss.

Funny, I just saw a pig fly by my window.

And money grew on a big oak tree across the street.

And a bed of four-leaf clovers just sprouted in my yard.

When the Vikings ran Randy Moss out of town in March 2005, I was convinced of two things:

  1. They had done the right thing

  2. He would never, ever be in a Vikings uniform again.

The atmosphere around him was toxic. On multiple occasions, he walked off the field before the conclusion of competitive games. He pretended to moon the crowd at Lambeau Field in an infamous 2004 playoff game. He mocked the NFL's looming discipline for the incident, telling a group of reporters that he would pay the fine with "straight cash" and that next time he would shake another body part at the crowd.

Owner Red McCombs was fed up with the negative publicity. Coach Mike Tice was out of ideas on how to manage him. In an interview years later, Moss acknowledged he had been "fired."

But from top to bottom, this is a different Vikings organization. They have a new owner, a new coaching staff and only one a handful of players -- tight end Jim Kleinsasser, linebacker E.J. Henderson and defensive tackle Kevin Williams among them -- remaining from Moss' final team. They are making one final push to the Super Bowl with their current group of players and, most important, they have a quarterback in Brett Favre who has desperately wanted to play with him for years. I guess time does heal all wounds.

When we discussed this possibility a few weeks ago, I gave it almost no chance of happening. Yes, I'm totally flabbergasted that the deal is even close, much less that it will probably get done. But I promise I'll collect myself and come back shortly with more analysis.

Wait ... I think I just saw a shooting star.