Tom Brady's film breakdown extends to the ski slopes

Brady watches film to prep for ski trip (0:34)

Tom Brady prepares for a family ski trip by breaking down Lindsey Vonn film and shares one of his falls. (0:34)

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Just. Don't. Get. Hurt.

Those are the four words that probably best summarize the thoughts of many New England Patriots fans after watching Tom Brady's film review that he posted on Instagram on his skiing talents. Brady likes to get after it.

Brady and his family are en route to Montana for some more skiing, which led Brady to a "film breakdown."

"This is from two years ago," he said. "This was me. I was taking way too much time getting into this jump, and I pushed off, and I was way ahead of my skis. Then full left shoulder. That was a lot of pain."

Brady then had some fun on his video, noting he has been studying Lindsey Vonn, the American World Cup alpine ski racer. Showing video of Vonn, the six-time Super Bowl winning quarterback noted her perfect balance despite being on a bigger hill and having generated more speed.

"That's what it's got to be. Let's go!" Brady said, looking into the camera.