Could Dunta Robinson face suspension?

You don’t have to connect too many dots to figure out that Atlanta cornerback Dunta Robinson might be facing serious disciplinary action for Sunday’s hit on Philadelphia receiver DeSean Jackson. A suspension could be a possibility, if you listen to what the NFL is saying.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports NFL vice president of football operations Ray Anderson said the league no longer will give first-time offenders a free pass for “devastating hits’’ and "head shots." In general, the league usually has issued fines for such hits in the past. Anderson said the league may begin issuing suspensions for such hits.

But Robinson could be a victim of timing and other circumstances. There were a number of brutal hits across the league Sunday, and that’s led to the NFL speaking out about ways to curb violence.

Robinson’s hit resulted in a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness and both he and Jackson left the game and didn’t return. Robinson’s hit didn’t appear to be intentional. It was a split-second play where he and Jackson were going full speed. Robinson’s head appeared to hit Jackson’s shoulder pads first and then moved up for a helmet-to-helmet collision.

In the past, Robinson might have gotten off with just the penalty or a small fine. But it sure looks like Robinson’s hit might have come at the wrong time. Robinson might be used as an example and that could mean a suspension.