Titans' holiday card symbolic of big issue

This is not a real picture. Bud Adams was not standing between Vince Young and Chris Johnson.

But when the Titans owner decided on his annual team Christmas card, this is what he wanted.

We can see it thanks to Joe Dubin of WKRN-TV (@BIGJOEONTHEGO), who tweeted it. It copies in a blurry fashion, but I thought you’d want to see it anyway.

I’m told the idea for the card was hatched a good while back, probably in October. So let’s not go too crazy with it as a message sender.

Adams and some Christmas hats were photo-shopped in, and the owner got to wish people happy holidays with his beloved quarterback leaning on his shoulder. There is nothing unusual about an owner wanting to be flanked by two of his stars.

Though it was a pre-controversy idea, it’s still can't help but appear symbolic.

Anyone with real insight into Young’s situation with the Titans has talked about how he needs to stand on his own and behave the way a fifth-year player should. One of the reasons he has not had to is because he has always had Adams to lean on.

And now he’s got the picture, conceived by the big boss, to prove it.