Mel Kiper's first Big Board of 2011 is up

ESPN draft overlord Mel Kiper has put together his first Big Board of 2011.

Kiper's rankings don't correspond to where teams are slotted in the draft. That means he's not necessarily predicting the Buffalo Bills will select Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley. Kiper just happens to rate Fairley the third-best player in this year's class at the moment.

Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is No. 1 on the Big Board.

Since the Carolina Panthers are expected to snag Luck with the first pick if he declares for the draft, fans eager for their team to take a quarterback will need to focus on Missour's Blaine Gabbert (ninth on the Big Board), Auburn's Cam Newton (13th), Arkansas' Ryan Mallett (17th) and Washington's Jake Locker (25th).

All those guys probably will be there for you, Bills fans.

Most -- if not all -- will be there when the Miami Dolphins select at No. 15.

So you have it handy, here's the 2011 draft order, official through the 20th slot and projected from Nos. 21 through 32.