XLV: Packers nearing a rare achievement

Perhaps you've already read or know that the Green Bay Packers haven't trailed by more than seven points at any point during their 19 games this season. Earlier this week Chase Stuart of Pro Football Reference found that it has been 48 years since an NFL team went through an entire season in that manner.

The Packers obviously have one more game remaining before this distinction will stick. But if it does, it's important to note just how rare a feat it is. Alok Pattani of ESPN Stats & Information worked with the Elias Sports Bureau to produce the chart accompanying this post, which notes it has only happened five times since 1938.

I'll be expanding next week on all of the close games the Packers played this season, and how that experience seems to have helped them in the playoffs. (They were the first team in NFL history to lose six games by four points or less.) But for now, just know that the Packers are on the verge of a virtually unprecedented feat in modern-day professional football.