$121 buys four souvenir shirts, great service

A look at the prices at one of the concession stands at Cowboys Stadium. John Banks/ESPN.com

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Money flows at the Super Bowl, where $15 fetches a bowl of chili.

The privilege of attending carries some familial obligations, of course. I brought along the credit card and quickly found a place to use it.

Cowboys Stadium features the most impressive pro shop I've seen at a sporting venue.

Also impressive: first-rate service. Volunteers are teeming through every corner of the sprawling store featuring Super Bowl and general NFL memorabilia. They have sections for men, women and the little ones. Volunteers hand out giant mesh shopping bags to make sure there's plenty of room to load up.

Most shirts featuring team and Super Bowl logos go for $23 and up -- way up. A Super Bowl tote bag was going for $58. Coffee mugs were $12. Pullover jackets hit three digits.

I picked up Super Bowl T-shirts for my sons featuring team and Super Bowl logos. Those went for $26 apiece. The T-shirt for my father-in-law featuring dueling Super Bowl quarterbacks went for $29. The most expensive purchase, for my wife -- hey, I'm not stupid -- was the "duel triblend tunic length" shirt for, ugh, $40.

Total bill: $121, or eight bowls of chili.