Where NFL teams rank in free agents

The NFL Players association annually makes available information regarding free agency to reporters attending the Super Bowl.

I'm processing the information and will make available summaries, beginning with this team-by-team look at players with contracts that expire or can void following the 2010 season.

The chart breaks down the numbers by accrued seasons entering 2010, as provided by the NFLPA. I would assume that most players listed earned an accrued season in 2010. For example, the NFLPA list shows Arizona Cardinals receiver Steve Breaston with three accrued seasons heading into 2010. He clearly has four accrued seasons at this point.

Players traditionally have needed four accrued seasons to qualify for unrestricted free agency. The looming expiration of the collective bargaining agreement upped those requirements last offseason.

The next labor deal will define the requirements for unrestricted free agency this offseason. If there is no agreement, owners have said there will be no free agency -- an indication the league would lock out players under that scenario.

The Seattle Seahawks rank among the NFL leaders in potential free agents with at least three accrued seasons entering 2010. That is partially by design as Seattle continues to remake its roster. The team even shortened contracts in some cases.

Again, the chart reflects totals for accrued seasons entering 2010 regarding players whose contracts expire or can void this offseason.

2011 NFLPA Potential UFA Counts