Explaining AFC West WR Power Rankings

We’re unveiling a new off-season feature Tuesday by doing a position-by-position NFL top 10 Power Rankings, which is based on an eight-person vote.

Our first installment is wide receivers.

Two AFC West receivers cracked the top 10. Kansas City’s Dwayne Bowe is No. 7. Denver’s Brandon Lloyd is No. 9. Miami receiver Brandon Marshall, who Denver traded last year, is No. 10. San Diego receiver Vincent Jackson finished 14th. As a division, the AFC West finished with 50 voting points, which the fifth highest division.

I voted Bowe as the seventh best receiver and did not put Lloyd in my top 10. I had Jackson at No. 10.

It is obvious Jackson’s status was hurt by his lengthy 2010 contract holdout. However, Jackson is clearly a top-10 receiver and I expect him to show that in 2011. The Chargers placed the franchise tag on him and he is expected to play the entire season.

I think Bowe would be happy with being listed as No. 7. He has a terrific season in 2010. There was a period in the 2010 season where Bowe was as dominant as any receiver in the NFL. He had three good years in four NFL seasons and he should continue to improve.

I kept Lloyd off my top 10 because he was a one-hit wonder. Yes, he had a terrific 2010 season in which he led the NFL in receiving yards with 1,448 yards. But I kept him off my list because this isn’t, at least in my estimation, a review of the 2010 season alone. It’s a list of the very best receivers in football. Lloyd is 29 and he’s had one good season. I don’t think that makes him a top-10 receiver at this point. Perhaps I’ll change my mind next year. But he has to show he can put together another great year before I consider him elite. Don’t get me wrong. He’s good and I would put him in my top 15 if I had the choice, but there are better receivers in the league.

The only other receivers to make the top 10 that I didn’t have on my list was Green Bay’s Greg Jennings, who is ranked sixth. I wanted to get him on my list, but I ran out of room. He was the top receiver on my cut list.

Fill up the comment section with your top 10 list. Again, we’re going position-by-position on this deal every Tuesday, so we should have a lot of fun with this in the coming weeks.