Lester Munson: Dream scenario for NFLPA

Comments from ESPN legal analyst Lester Munson to Trey Wingo on NFL Live following Judge Susan Nelson's ruling striking down the lockout:

"In these 89 pages, Judge Nelson wrote the opinion that the players and their lawyers dreamed of a few weeks ago. She gave them everything that they need now to make the injunction stick and to end the lockout. She did not write this opinion for us at ESPN. She wrote this opinion for the judges on the higher court, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. When they read it, they are going to be very reluctant to give the stay that the owners want.

"The NFL wants everybody to think this is a labor dispute. Well, it is not any more. It is an antitrust case. Judge Nelson explained all of that. The NFL had four basic arguments. She destroyed each one of them. The owners basically went 0-for-4. Now, they are going to have to come up with something new in order to impress the 8th Circuit and try to get the lockout back in effect. I don't think they are going to be able to do it. I think the lockout may have come to an end today."

Sounds like great new for the NFL Players Association and those who want to restore the offseason without regard for the NFL's concerns in this matter.

What are the NFL's options if the 8th Circuit does not keep the lockout in place by granting the league's request for a stay? That becomes the next question if Munson's prediction comes true.