John Elway suddenly likes No. 58

John Elway felt it was fitting that Von Miller chose to wear No. 58 as he begins his career with the Denver Broncos.

The Texas A&M outside linebacker -- who Denver selected with the No. 2 overall pick in the draft -- modeled his game after the Kansas City Chiefs’ legendary linebacker Derrick Thomas. Thomas wore No. 58 in Kansas City.

“I thought it was great that Von is wearing No. 58,” said Elway. “I know he really likes Derrick.”

Still, the idea of the outside linebacker walking around the building wearing No. 58 gave Elway unwanted flashbacks.

“I told him not to walk behind me,” Elway joked.

No defender harassed Elway in his career more than Thomas. He sacked Elway 26 times, more than any quarterback in his career.

Elway said he understands the Thomas comparison, but he said Miller has a lot to do to live up to Thomas.

“It’d be great if he did,” Miller.

Earlier Saturday, Elway was asked why the team took Miller at No. 2. Elway’s answer was simple.

“He’s a type of guy that comes around every 10 years,” Elway said.