Lockout can't stifle 49ers-Cards hostility

The ugly battle between NFL owners and players apparently hasn't taken the edge off rivalries.

DavisDavisDockettDockettAs one of my Facebook friends pointed out via private message, a recent ESPN video affirms San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis' long-standing feelings toward certain members of the Arizona Cardinals.

Dana Jacobson was interviewing the Pro Bowl tight end's younger brother, Miami Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis, when she brought Vernon into the conversation over the phone. Near the end of the video, Jacobson asked each brother which NFL player he'd like to face in a steel-cage match.

"A steel cage match? That is tough," Vernon Davis said. "I would probably like to go against Darnell Dockett of the Cardinals."

There wasn't time for Jacobson to follow up, but NFC West fans didn't need much elaboration. Last year at this time, Davis was calling out Dockett over the success 49ers running back Frank Gore enjoyed against Arizona. Dockett then warned Davis about punishment forthcoming from teammate Adrian Wilson.

As much as NFC West fans wouldn't mind seeing Dockett and Davis square off in a steel cage, most of us would settle for getting them on a football field. Separate football fields would suffice at this point of the lockout.

My money would be on Dockett in a steel-cage match, though. He's about 40 pounds heavier than Davis and his experience battling offensive linemen in close quarters would surely help.