Which NFL helmet looks best?

Bold, conspicuous, classic.

That's what I'm into when it comes to NFL helmets.

ESPN.com's positional Power Rankings panel, of which I'm a proud charter member dating all the way back to March 2011, rated the NFL's best helmets.

You'll notice a couple of recurring themes on my ballot:

  1. Dallas Cowboys

  2. New Orleans Saints

  3. Cleveland Browns

  4. Detroit Lions

  5. Minnesota Vikings

  6. Chicago Bears

  7. Indianapolis Colts

  8. St. Louis Rams

  9. Kansas City Chiefs

  10. New York Giants

To put it briefly, these helmets are enduring symbols of their franchises. Aside from a minor tweak here or there, the designs of Nos. 1 through 9 have remained in place for a long time. The Giants returned to their classic look a few years ago.

Another common thread is that you know these helmets from the comfortable distance of your couch or the bleachers. There are no small words to read. Unlike the Pittsburgh Steelers or Oakland Raiders, you don't need to hold the helmet in your hands to actually appreciate the logo.

A lot of folks still think the Miami Dolphin is jumping through a hoop. He's actually leaping into a silhouette of the sun. Other AFC East clubs have made major overhauls. The Buffalo Bills will return next season to their late 1970s-era white helmets with a blue charging beast.

I went with the Cowboys first because the lone blue star is one of sports' most powerful images. Whether you love the Cowboys or hate them, that symbol likely causes a visceral reaction, much like the interlocking "NY" of the New York Yankees.

Let me know what you think.