Broncos not interested in 'Hard Knocks'

The Denver Broncos have been as transparent as any team in the NFL this year.

The Broncos showed video of their interview process for a head coach on their website in January. New team leader John Elway has announced major news on Twitter several times. The team has made a concerted effort to reconnect with fans in the Elway-John Fox era in an attempt to pick up the pieces from the messy Josh McDaniels’ era.

However, the Broncos are apparently not ready to give away all of their secrets. A team spokesman said the team can be counted out as a possible candidate to appear on HBO’s“Hard Knocks” this summer. Tampa Bay turned down the show this week.

The show goes to training camp with an NFL team and gives viewers an inside look at practice, meetings and other aspects of camp.

“We appreciate the value of the show, but, at this time, we are going to pass,” team spokesman Patrick Smyth said.