Giants to sign punter Steve Weatherford

More punter news!!!

Giants fans are going to like this one. According to tweets by him and his agents, former Jets punter Steve Weatherford has reached agreement on a new contract with the Giants. Weatherford (@weatherford9) tweeted this: "I'm on my way back to NYC but my helmet has changed. I'm excited to get the opportunity to help this prestigious franchise win a world title."

And the agency that represents him (@TheTitanGrp), shortly thereafter, tweeted this: "We are excited to announce Titan Client @Weatherford9 is staying in NYC and has signed with the New York Giants!"

Now, the first reaction might be that Weatherford will come in to compete with Matt Dodge, whose high-profiled 2010 struggles as Jeff Feagles' replacement culminated with DeSean Jackson's game-winning punt return in the Week 15 loss to the Eagles. But no. Weatherford is as good a punter as there is in the league, and this move means Dodge is history in New York. I mean, unless the Jets want him.

Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders offered this, also on Twitter (@FO_ASchatz): "Weatherford the #1 punter in league by FO measures in 2010. Worth estimated 15 pts worth of field position over average."

So there you go. Punter news, brought to you by Twitter and giving Giants fans something about which to smile on a Friday afternoon in late July.