Chiefs pick up tough nose tackle

The Kansas City Chiefs signing of nose tackle Kelly Gregg might not get much attention or hoopla.

That’s fine. That’s what Gregg is all about.

This is a dirty-work player who was an underappreciated part of the Baltimore Ravens’ vicious defense. This guy was the constant space eater in the Ravens’ defense who made life much easier for linebackers. Now, he will be doing it in Kansas City. Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson will love this guy. The Chiefs signed Gregg to a one-year deal. He was just cut by the Ravens.

Gregg will turn 35 this year, so this a short-term fix, but it will help. He will make the Chiefs better at the position and serve as a terrific mentor to rookie Jerrell Powe. For a defense that lost Mike Vrabel to retirement, the addition of Gregg will only help in the leadership department.

I know many Chiefs fans wanted them to sign San Francisco big-dollar free agent Aubrayo Franklin, and he would be better for the long term, but Gregg solves the problem now. The Chiefs have wanted a nose tackle since the end of the season and tried to sign Shaun Rogers before the lockout.

In Gregg they get a proven nose tackle that has been a part of a great defense. While it might not be splashy or long-term, the 2011 Chiefs just got better.