Bob Sanders is 'still a bullet'

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Chargers’ signing of former NFL Defensive player of the Year Bob Sanders has received good reviews.

SandersSandersBut it virtually always comes with a disclaimer: If he can stay healthy. It’s an understandable tact. The former Colts' star safety has played in nine games in the past three seasons combined. However, as we stand less than six weeks before the start of the season, the Chargers say there are not any concerns about his health.

“Bob is healthy,” San Diego coach Norv Tuner said Monday night emphatically. “That’s not a concern.”

How does he look, coach?

“He’s still a bullet,” Turner said. “If you blink, you are going to miss him. I think our players are amazed about how fast he is and how quickly he gets to the ball. We expect a lot of from Bob. The athleticism is there.”

If Sanders can stay healthy for the season, this may be one of the better signings in the NFL this year.