Tebow fans plan to buy billboards

Did you really think the Kyle Orton-Tim Tebow saga would go away once the regular season started?

TebowTebowOrtonOrtonAfter being the biggest story of Denver’s training camp, the “play Tebow” faction is loudly making its case now that the Broncos and Orton floundered in Monday night’s season-opening home loss against Oakland. Fans chanted Tebow’s name late in the game. On Tuesday, Denver coach John Fox -- one game into his tenure in the Mile High City -- reiterated that Orton will remain Denver’s starter.

That clearly didn’t sit well with Tebow’s supporters. The Denver Post is reporting that some fans are planning to buy two billboards in Denver to implore the Broncos to start Tebow.

Will it work? Probably not; at least for now. But the events of the past couple of days have to be a reminder to Orton, Fox and everyone else that the Tebow support will only heighten if Orton and the Broncos continue to fail.

It’s only one game, and the Tebow Watch is at high alert.

Of course, teams usually don’t bow to fan support. However, if the Broncos start 0-4 or, say, 2-6, fan interest could wane and playing Tebow may be a viable option. He played the final three games last year after Orton went 3-10 as the starter.

Of course, there is no guarantee it would be Tebow who replaces a struggling Orton this year. The team hasn’t said whether Tebow or Brady Quinn is the No. 2 quarterback, but Quinn was the No. 2 quarterback most of the preseason season. For the record, I haven’t seen any billboards urging the Broncos to play Quinn.

Meanwhile, even though it’s been just one game, Denver players are not thrilled that fans are deserting Orton.

“I think it's all B.S.," receiver Brandon Lloyd told ESPN. "I think everybody is just waiting for an opportunity to move (Orton) out and play anybody other than him."

My advice to Lloyd? Get used to it. The Tebow hysteria has yet to hit full blast.