Hasselbeck talks recipe, Ravens' weakness

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Matt Hasselbeck wasn’t sharing secrets when he talked about the offensive game the Titans hope to play and the piece of the Ravens they hope to exploit when he talked to Tennessee media on Thursday.

Two things of note with my thoughts:

Hasselbeck: “Basically, we need to do what Jacksonville did last week. They did exactly what we talked about doing. They had, I think it was nine third-and-1s. Usually, you’re like halfway through the season having that many third and ones. Really the recipe we’re looking for is very similar to what they did to us.”

Kuharsky: Don’t be taken aback by this. It is the Titans' way. Chris Johnson is their best player, they want to run and chew up clock, just like they did under Jeff Fisher.

Hasselbeck: “[Baltimore's] style of play really causes you to communicate, especially up front with the running backs in pass protection and for sure in the passing game, quarterbacks to wide receivers. There is opportunity for plays, for big plays, but seemingly they come up with more big plays then they give up.

“There is an opportunity to take advantage of some things, particularly in their secondary. You see on film where they are gambling quite a bit. I’m sure double moves will be a part of what we are doing, especially early. One team in particular had a lot of double moves on them, the Redskins did a nice job with it. So there are opportunities, but because they are so talented in other areas it’s hard to take advantage of it.”

Kuharsky: Gamesmanship is certainly at play here. Hasselbeck isn’t outright telling us the Titans intend to use double moves early in the passing game against the Ravens. He’s telling the Ravens something and hoping they are conscious of it. Maybe they look double move and it creates a half beat of extra time for an underneath route.