Harbaugh Bowl: Waiting for the handshake

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs gave a funny take on what he's looking for in the "Harbaugh Bowl," which features John Harbaugh coaching against his younger brother, Jim.

"Regardless of the end result, I can’t wait to see the handshake," Suggs joked. "That’s going to be awesome."

Suggs, of course, was poking fun at Jim Harbaugh's now enthusiastic/aggressive handshake with Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz that nearly resulted in an on-field fight.

Suggs, though, was serious when he talked about the importance of giving his coach some family bragging rights.

"We really want to win bad for him," Suggs said. "Everybody saw the ESPN special during the offseason with them two. We kind of saw them get after each other like they did when they were little. It’s going to be fun to be part of another sibling rivalry."