Peyton Manning on Eli vs. Patriots

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, who is still recovering from neck surgery, did an in-depth interview with Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star this week. Manning updated many things on his rehab and uncertain future with the Colts.

But most of that is not of concern to New England Patriots fans. What is interesting is Manning's thoughts on his younger brother, Eli Manning, playing New England in the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. That is Peyton Manning central.

It is no secret Manning is rooting for his brother and against the Patriots, who had some great playoff rivalries against the Colts in the past.

"As far as helping him with the Patriots, really, he doesn't need to talk to me," Peyton Manning said. "He played them seven weeks ago. We'll talk about things they do when you face them a second time in the same year, but he knows them better than I do right now."

Eli Manning led the Giants to a 24-20 victory over New England in Week 9. It was the last time the Patriots lost a game. Eli Manning also beat New England in Super Bowl XLII to end the Patriots' quest for a perfect season.

Peyton Manning struggled mightily against New England, especially early in his career. But does Eli Manning have New England's number?