Friendship trumps vacation for Fitzgerald

The horrible news about Tommie Harris' wife dying from an apparent brain aneurysm carried a poignant footnote regarding Harris' friendship with Larry Fitzgerald.

"No one went to greater lengths to get to the funeral than Fitzgerald," Sean Jensen wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times. "He was vacationing in South America, and he jetted back -- including paying for a charter for one leg -- to be there for Harris. Fitzgerald then returned to South America after the funeral."

Harris' wife was 29 years old and recently gave birth to the couple's second child, according to Jensen.

I'm not sure how Harris and Fitzgerald became such close friends. NFC West fans might recall Harris getting ejected from a 2009 game involving Fitzgerald's Arizona Cardinals. Fitzgerald was not involved in that situation. He tends to transcend the scuffles that take place regularly on the field.

Experience warns against building athletes or anyone into superheroes. Fitzgerald, easily the Cardinals' most valuable player in 2011, makes that tougher than most through his actions on and off the field.