Kyle Turley calls out Drew Brees

As the scandal involving the New Orleans Saints and what the NFL says was a “bounty program’’ designed to intentionally injure opponents, more and more people are getting dragged into the controversy.

Now, it’s hit a whole new level. Drew Brees, the unofficial King of New Orleans, is the latest.

In this Yahoo! Sports Radio interview, former NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley had some extremely harsh words about the New Orleans quarterback. Brees is a member of the executive committee of the NFL Players Association, an organization that worked very hard to improve regulations for player safety during last year’s labor negotiations.

“I would like to know personally what (Brees) knew about this bounty system because he’s not only in charge of the safety of his players in that locker room in New Orleans, he’s supposed to be in those meetings responsible for players across the league as it pertains to those types of situations,’’ Turley said. “That’s what I would like to know. Where has the union been in all of this and that’s what really needs to be found out.’’