Is New York ready for Tebow-mania?

Tebow-mania may be over in Denver, but by no means, is it dead.

In a lot of ways, it is just revving up.

TebowTebowSanchezSanchezThat’s what happening when the most polarizing athlete in the world is sent to the world’s biggest media market. Broadway Tim. Is anybody ready for it? As the drama unfolds, I can’t help but think it is a bad fit.

It seems the Jets wanted Tebow for the wrong reasons. The Wildcat? Really? Isn’t that a thing of the past?

I think the Jets’ leadership was swayed by the perfume of Tebow-mania. I don’t think they fully understand its power. The Jets just turned Mark Sanchez into Kyle Orton.

Sanchez should immediately call and ask Orton for any advance on how to handle being the starter on a team in which Tebow was the backup. Orton can tell him a short story because he was yanked in the fifth game last year amid major fan pressure.

Every time Sanchez throws an incomplete pass, there will be calls for Tebow to be put in. It happened in Denver and it will happen in New York. For a young quarterback who needs to take the next step, putting Sanchez in the Tebow pressure cooker may not be a great idea. Add an already tumultuous locker room and the intense media coverage of New York, and Tebow-mania has a chance to implode this team.

Also, I don’t think it is a good move for Tebow’s career. Being reduced to a gimmick player is not what he wants. Tebow would have been much better off going to a place like Green Bay or New England where he could learn from a great quarterback. Even Jacksonville would have been a better professional and personal situation than in New York.

Tebow-mania may be shifting from the AFC West, but it will still be a major NFL focus as it has ugly potential.