Raiders to meet with hearing-impaired RB

The Raiders are planning a pre-draft visit with one of the more interesting players eligible for the draft.

The team will be meeting with UCLA running back Derrick Coleman. He is hearing impaired. Without his hearing aids, Coleman can only hear sounds and tones. With his hearing aids, he can hear words, but he must rely on reading lips to capture the meaning of the words, according to a fine feature last fall by ESPN Los Angeles.

Coleman’s hearing issues were first discovered when he was three-years old. He has adjusted well and has had little problems on the football field because of his issues with hearing.

"Derrick has overcome his disability in such a way that no one even notices it's a disability. It's really second nature," then-UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel told ESPN Los Angeles for the article. "He comes and grabs you on the shoulder to make sure you look at him. He'll tell you what you said when you're on the sideline 35 yards away because he can read lips … He really has worked so hard and has such a great attitude about it, in terms of not being insecure about it, it's really phenomenal of how little it impacts anything."

Coleman had a strong senior season and he performed well at the combine. He is expected to be a late-round pick. The Raiders could add a running back in that area.