Trent Richardson grants senior prom wish

Trent Richardson doesn't know if he'll be drafted fourth overall by the Cleveland Browns or later in the top 10. But the Alabama running back knows where he'll be Saturday night -- at a high school senior prom.

Richardson is accompanying 17-year-old Courtney Alvis, who is battling leukemia.

Alvis was diagnosed last year with the condition, which meant no driving, attending class or going to her junior prom. After a year of chemotherapy, Alvis was determined to attend her senior prom but she didn't have a date. Her uncle used an Alabama connection to get word to Richardson, who then offered to escort her.

"I'm really excited but I'm also nervous," Alvis told WSFA-TV in Montgomery, Ala. "I've watched Trent all the time on TV, and he's going to be coming to prom with me."

Teams are always looking hard at a player's character, especially ones taken high in the draft like Richardson. He has two daughters (ages 5 and 3), who live with their mother. He also can come across cocky in interviews.

But on Saturday night, 12 days before the draft, Richardson is proving to be a good guy.