Why Poe didn't dominate at Memphis

The knock on Dontari Poe coming into the NFL draft was that he didn't produce enough against mediocre competition while at Memphis.

Some people thought the lack of production would cause Poe (6-foot-3, 346 pounds who dominated the combine) to fall. Yet Poe went to the Kansas City Chiefs with the No. 11 pick.

Are the Chiefs worried about Poe's lack of production in college? It doesn't appear so.

Kansas City coach Romeo Crennel said he believes Poe's inconsistency was because he had to play several different positions and never left the field. Crennel feels like the fact that Poe will play nose tackle in Kansas City will allow him to relax and concentrate at one spot.

"Because he played every down at 350 pounds and he played every position on the line in every game," Crennel said in his news briefing Thursday night. "He's playing a nine technique; he's playing a seven technique, a five technique, a three technique, a one technique, a two technique and head up on the nose sometimes. He's the jack-of-all trades. It's hard to be good at any one thing when you're doing all of those things.

"So, as a result of it, what they let him do is they let him use his ability. They ran some stunts. They ran him up the field. They did some things with him against spread offenses where the ball is coming out pretty quick.

:He wasn't able to quite have the kind of production that everybody wants him to have right away. But I think that when we get him in here and we settle him down and get him in one spot, then we'll see this guy improve and he's going to be productive, and he's going to be a good player."

It seems like Crennel has a good feel for Poe and it is another reason why I think Crennel is the key to Poe's success in Kansas City.