Is Donald Driver a possibility for Miami?

Earlier this morning, NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert caught my eye with a blog post detailing the contract situation with Green Bay Packers receiver Donald Driver. The Packers are unsure about Driver's future in Green Bay and most likely will restructure his contract or release the receiver.

If it's the latter, could Driver land in Miami? There are natural ties to suggest the Dolphins would be interested.

For starters, Miami rookie head coach Joe Philbin was Driver's offensive coordinator for five seasons in Green Bay. Second, Driver is a prototype West Coast receiver, which is something Miami doesn't have on its roster. In fact, the Dolphins don't have any proven receiver on their roster. I detailed those issues over the weekend.

The downside is Driver is 37 and doesn't have much time left. But he would be a good fit in Miami for the short term. Driver is an experienced veteran who knows the offense and can be a good mentor to the younger receivers. If Driver needs a job in several weeks, there's a starting position waiting for him in Miami.