Tim Tebow responds to Tedy Bruschi

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Former New England Patriots linebacker and current ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi had a message for Tim Tebow: Just shut up.

But the New York Jets backup quarterback had a simple response to Bruschi Wednesday when meeting with the media: He follows instructions.

"To be honest, I just do what I'm told -- and this day to talk to (reporters), so I'm gonna talk to you," Tebow said to the New York media after Day 2 of minicamp. "And to be honest, I just go about it however the Jets set it up -- the rules that they want us to (follow), who they want us to talk to, who they don't want us to talk to."

We're siding with Tebow on this one.

Tebow is not asking for this media attention. It simply follows him because of who he is. The "Patriot Way" that Bruschi is accustomed to does not apply for every team. In fact, the Patriots are probably the most tight-lipped team in the NFL. They often say little when they lose and even less when they win.

Tebow plays for the Jets and follows their protocol. It's a much different culture then in New England. Ask Chad Ochocinco.

So far, Tebow has said and done all the right things. If people want to hear Tebow speak and he’s not hurting the team, there's no harm in it.

It's easy to gang up on Tebow for a lot of things. But responding to interview requests should not be one of them.