Sad timing of Adrian Peterson health scare

Those who have been around the Minnesota Vikings for a while were surely freaked out by the timing of Adrian Peterson's health emergency Monday at training camp. Almost exactly 11 years ago, offensive lineman Korey Stringer collapsed after the first full-pads practice of the summer. He was hospitalized on July 31, 2001 and died the next morning from complications of heat stroke.

Based on what current coach Leslie Frazier told reporters in Mankato, Minn., Peterson was never in extreme danger. But he suffered an allergic reaction to seafood around mid-day, one that was serious enough for the team to call 911 and send him to a hospital via ambulance. Peterson experienced shortness of breath and his face swelled up, according to Frazier.

A few hours later, Peterson was resting in his dorm room and was expected to resume his knee rehabilitation on Tuesday.

"Everything is back to normal now," Frazier told reporters. "Little bit of a scare, but he's fine."

Every year, I try to post an item to honor Stringer, who was a good man, and reiterate how dangerous heat exposure can be for the thousands of young men who will soon begin high school and college football practice. For more information, here is the CDC guide to preventing heat stroke.