Weeden taking aggressive approach

Watch a couple of seven-on-seven drills involving Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden and you'll leave with the same impression: He has a different mindset than Checkdown Colt.

There were times when Weeden could have played it safe and dropped it to a running back. Instead, he took a shot downfield. Some throws were successful, and others were not.

The key is that Weeden is being aggressive in his first NFL training camp. This attitude was missing from the Browns offense last season, when Colt McCoy ranked 33rd in the NFL with an average of 5.9 yards per attempt (only Jacksonville's Blaine Gabbert was worse among starting quarterbacks).

"You have to pick your spots and take your shots," Weeden said.

Offensive coordinator Brad Childress said it's too early to put the "gunslinger" label on Weeden, and Childress knows that type of quarterback all too well. To be fair, Weeden was more conservative in team drills, tossing the ball to running back Trent Richardson in the flat a couple of times.

This shows that Weeden knows when to be smart, especially in certain areas of the field.

"In the red zone, they stress the importance of taking care of the football," Weeden said. "You work that hard to get down here ... We have a great field-goal kicker. Phil [Dawson] is really good, and you have to take advantage of him."

Weeden is still getting a feel for the playbook. He said 90 to 95 percent of the offense has been installed. The Browns have had seven days of practice, but they only have four more practices before the preseason opener at Detroit. There's not a lot of time to waste.

"The stuff I’m comoftable with, I’m really comfortable with, if that makes sense," Weeden said. "There’s obviously stuff I really like and there’s stuff I’m still getting comfortable with, and terminology I’m still learning. It’s still a learning process. It’s going to take me some time to get it down where I feel comfortable with everything I do. I’ve done a pretty good job of taking advantage of every single rep."