What's the root of Bowe's holdout?

ESPN.com's Jeffri Chadiha believes the Chiefs are making a mistake with the Dwayne Bowe holdout.

I agree with Chadiha that the Chiefs’ offense will suffer without Bowe. But I think this holdout is on Bowe. This season is critical to him getting a huge contract in 2013, whether it’s from the Chiefs or another team. Bowe needs to get back to work. That’s the bottom line.

It has been reported often that Bowe will likely report shortly before the start of the regular season. I can see that, but there are some risks involved. After missing the entire offseason and then all of training camp, Bowe would be putting himself at risk of suffering muscle injuries. How many times have we’ve seen a player holdout from camp and then tweak a hamstring?

Also, the Chiefs are running new offense. It’s going to take Bowe time to get comfortable in Brian Daboll’s offense. The longer time for Bowe to get comfortable likely will mean the less productive he is in the season. The less productive he is in the season means the less money he will make in the offseason.

Again, this holdout makes no sense, and Bowe has to realize that and re-join his team.