The next elite corner in the NFC West (?)

Veteran NFL head coaches know better than to pump up a rookie prematurely.

That's what makes Jeff Fisher's comments regarding cornerback Janoris Jenkins so remarkable -- and so encouraging for St. Louis Rams fans.

Check out Fisher's comments Thursday:

"Well, he basically can do everything that’s required of a corner, an elite corner, for that matter, with the footwork and the change of direction, ball skills, tackling, and understands the defense. He's going to be a very good corner in this league."

Throwing in the "elite" reference was strong stuff. Closing with a declarative statement on Jenkins' future as a "very good" corner drives home the point.

Fisher, a cornerback for the Chicago Bears in the 1980s, has coached defensive backs and coordinated defenses. He knows elite corners when he sees them, and he is stating plainly his belief that Jenkins, who has not yet participated in so much as an exhibition game, fits the mold. That is encouraging for a team that ran out of corners last season.

The Rams last placed a corner in the Pro Bowl when Aeneas Williams made it for his work during the 2001 season.