If both Seahawks quarterbacks play well

Bryan from Okanogan, Wash., wonders which quarterback the Seattle Seahawks will start in Week 1 if the top two candidates play well against Kansas City on Friday night.

"What happens if Russell Wilson looks great (against a depleted secondary but overall strong defense) but then Matt Flynn comes in and looks great also (maybe one series against the varsity and the rest against the JV."

Sando: Not everyone appreciates these hypothetical scenarios, but with apologies to our pal Brian, I would lean toward Pete Carroll buying additional time to decide in that case.

The Seahawks would ideally favor Flynn in the short term and Wilson in the long term at that point. They could then get their money's worth from both. I'm just not sure Carroll will want to wait for the long term if Wilson appears as good or better right now, with a higher ceiling in the future.

The comfortable move would be to play Flynn now. If he fails, turn to Wilson at some point.

If you play Wilson right away and Wilson plays like a rookie, everyone loses. That would become a setback for Wilson. Flynn, having been benched and deprived of reps, might have a harder time succeeding than if he went into the season as the starter. And the team would be worse off in that case.

There's risk in upsetting the natural order of things. If the Seahawks are going to play Wilson right away, the decision would ideally be a clear-cut one. I don't think it'll be clear cut if both quarterbacks play well Friday night.