Video: Greg Olsen's personal pain

We'll soon be turning our attention to the Chicago Bears' matchup at the Dallas Cowboys on ESPN's Monday Night Football. Before we do that, however, I want you to take a look at this ESPN profile about the very personal ordeal former Bears tight end Greg Olsen is facing.

Olsen's wife is pregnant with twins, but one of the children has been diagnosed in utero with a heart defect known as HLHS. (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.) The child, who will be named T.J., already has been scheduled for three surgeries, including one shortly after birth. His chances for survival are up to 70 percent.

I realize the Olsens are not the only family to deal with such a tough situation. But I think anyone who is pregnant or has kids can identify with the pain and fear associated with carrying a child that might not survive and at the very least is headed for a long and difficult entrance to this world.

After the piece aired Sunday morning, Olsen tweeted: "The outpour of support my wife and I have received after today's piece has been amazing. We appreciate it all. Special thanks to the families who reached out to share their experience with HLHS. Our son will be a fighter. Thanks to u all."