Jets' backbiting starts with Tim Tebow

We knew the New York Jets' backbiting was coming. We just didn't know when and who would be the first target.

It turns out the answers to those questions are Week 11 and Tim Tebow.

The New York Daily News reports several Jets teammates anonymously ripped the backup quarterback and said they haven't seen improvement from Tebow this season. One defensive starter bluntly called Tebow "terrible." Another Jets source said starting Tebow would be equivalent of depending on a miracle.


But why the harsh words for Tebow? He's not the reason the Jets are 3-6 and virtually assured a second non-playoff season. I can think of 20 reasons the Jets are losing games before I get to the underutilized backup quarterback.

The answer: Tebow is the new guy -- and an easy target.

The Jets have a combustible locker room that eats its own. When the Jets are winning, they loudly and proudly pat themselves on the back. But when they're losing, everyone points fingers and look for reasons to stab each other in the back. Tebow being ripped by teammates is only the beginning. As the new guy, Tebow should get used to this in New York.

It's officially time to put the 2012 Jets on "Implosion Watch." Last year the Jets were in the playoff hunt until Week 17, when a season-ending loss to the Miami Dolphins caused chaos to break loose.

But this season is different with the Jets playing awful and the season virtually over by Week 11. It's going to be an interesting two months for "Gang Green."

Let the backbiting and backstabbing begin.