Raiola on Titus Young: 'We've moved on'

It seems safe to say that receiver Titus Young's status with the Detroit Lions remains tenuous, at best. Friday, he was the target of some unusually harsh and direct public criticism from a teammate.

As you recall, Young was deactivated last week because of what coach Jim Schwartz termed behavior not conducive to a team environment. Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reported this week that Young intentionally lined up wrong on multiple plays Nov. 18 against the Green Bay Packers, and on Friday center Dominic Raiola told reporters -- in colorful language -- that "we've moved on from him."

Chris McCosky of the Detroit News has extended quotes, which include profanity, on his Twitter feed. Here is what I can pass along to you from Raiola:

"He wants to be an [expletive], let him be an [expletive]. It's not my problem. What we can control is the guys who want to be here. And when you act like that, you don't want to be here. We've got good guys on offense. Don't be an [expletive] and don't be a jerk."

Schwartz has said Young will need to earn his spot back for games, and hasn't ruled out the possibility that he will never play for the Lions again. Based on Raiola's comments, it doesn't sound as if Young will be playing anytime soon.

Young spoke briefly with reporters Friday. Most of his responses consisted of two or three works, according to Anwar S. Richardson of Mlive.com. A player's demeanor with the media doesn't usually impact his standing with the team. But on the whole, it seems safe to say Young has a long way to go in rehabilitating is attitude.