Could Manning reunite with former Colts?

Two of Peyton Manning's high-profile former teammates in Indianapolis are not being brought back by the Colts.

The Indianapolis Star reports the Colts wont re-sign pass-rusher Dwight Freeney and receiver Austin Collie.

So, yes, the question is natural: Could Manning reunite with his former teammates in Denver?

In the right circumstances, I could see Denver having interest in both players. I’d think Manning would probably vouch for both players.

Manning had a nice on-field relationship with Collie. Injuries have derailed his career. But he would likely come very cheaply. I could see Denver giving him a chance in a low-risk, high-reward signing.

Freeney is 32 and tailing off. But he has 107.5 career sacks. He’d be a perfect rotational pass-rusher to help pass-rush stars Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil. Teams can never have enough pass-rushers, and adding a veteran like Freeney without much pressure to carry the pass-rushing load would likely be intriguing both to Denver and to Freeney.

So, yes, I can see a Colts-Denver connection happening again this offseason.

You also have to wonder if new San Diego general manager Tom Telesco, who came from the Colts, could look at both players. Both Freeney and Collie could fit in San Diego if the circumstances are right.