Falcons need to re-sign Brent Grimes

When the Atlanta Falcons released veteran defensive end John Abraham last Friday, you could look down the road and see the other shoe dropping. The Falcons didn’t make this move without a plan.

They’re going to replace their top pass-rusher with another guy that can get after the quarterback. Maybe it’s Dwight Freeney. Maybe it’s a younger free agent. Or maybe it’s an early draft pick. Whatever, the Falcons have to do something dramatic from the outside here.

It’s the same with running back Michael Turner, who also was released Friday. Maybe the Falcons bring in Steven Jackson or another free agent. Perhaps they'll draft a running back. This position isn’t as important as it once was because the Falcons have become a pass-first offense and they simply need to pair someone with Jacquizz Rodgers. That running back will have to come from outside because he’s not already on the roster.

But the situation could be different at cornerback, where the Falcons released Dunta Robinson. The Falcons might already have enough in place to get by without Robinson. Of course, that’s going on the assumption they re-sign cornerback Brent Grimes. If they do, they suddenly have a true No. 1 cornerback, something they lacked after Grimes went down in the first game of last year.

They have Asante Samuel as a solid No. 2 cornerback and Robert McClain was very dependable as the No. 3 cornerback. With Grimes, Samuel and McClain, the Falcons can be just fine at cornerback.

Of course, they have to go ahead and re-sign Grimes to make it all work.